I can't say enough about Kristen “I can't say enough about Kristen! This process was so smooth I hardly had to do anything. The next time I refinance it will be wherever she is at. Absolutely phenomenal job Kristen! Thank you!”

- Mr. McIntosh

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REFI.com is Quick and Easy

We’re people just like you. And we understand that sometimes debt sneaks up on good people.

That’s why we’ve built a solution that gives you options in just minutes.

Without complicated forms or speaking with aggressive salespeople

Without damaging your credit score

Without providing your Social Security number

At REFI.com we’ve done away with all the frustrating forms and made the process quick and easy.

Just call our automated digital guide Ellie at 800-999-REFI (7334), speak with one of our friendly specialists, or click the link below. Answer 7 simple questions, and in 2 minutes and we’ll provide your options.

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What’s the right debt solution for you?

No matter your situation, REFI.com has a solution.


My interest rates are too high

My mortgage payment is too high

I’m behind on my bills

I think my credit score is too low

Prequalify three ways:

  • Online

  • Over the phone with Ellie our automated digital attendant

  • Or speak with one of our highly trained specialists

Answer 7 simple questions and we’ll quickly assess your situation and search for the best refinance options. In as little as 2 minutes we’ll match you to your best loan options.

No complicated forms. No credit check. No Social Security number required.

Call 800-999-REFI (7334) or click on the link below.

Here’s how REFI.com can help…

Get Answers Fast

At REFI.com we won’t make you fill out complicated forms, talk to multiple salespeople or make you wait for hours for an answer. Instead, we make prequalifying so simple it takes as little as 2 minutes. Answer 7 simple questions online, with Ellie, our automated phone attendant, or speak with a highly trained specialists, if you prefer. Call 800-999-REFI (7334) or click the link below.


Protect Your Credit

Our proprietary technology lets you prequalify without a hard credit check that can damage your credit score. And that can damage your credit score. And with REFI.com you won’t have to fill out a stack of frustrating paperwork to see if you qualify.


Get You Back on Track

Debt can make you feel like you’re trapped in a cycle of fear and anxiety. REFI.com can help you find a solution even if you’re in collections or have charge-offs.


Work with People Who Care

At REFI.com we’re not just financial specialists. We’re real people with experiences like yours. And we promise to treat you with respect every step of the way.