Washington Mortgage and Refinance Rates

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Current Washington Mortgage Rates

The average mortgage rates in Washington for September 24, 2023 are 6.976% for purchasing a home and 7.091% for refinancing a home.

Mortgage TypeRate (%)
30 Year Fixed Purchase6.976
30 Year Fixed Refinance7.091

30-Day Rate Trend in Washington

Washington Purchase Rates

Mortgage TypeRate (%)
15 Year Fixed Purchase6.196
15 Year fixed Jumbo Purchase6.658
30 Year Fixed Purchase6.976
30 Year Fixed Jumbo Purchase7.536

Washington Refinance Rates

Mortgage TypeRate (%)
15 Year Fixed Refinance6.196
15 Year fixed Jumbo Refinance6.662
30 Year Fixed Refinance7.091
30 Year Fixed Jumbo Refinance7.666

Washington ARM Rates

Mortgage TypeRate (%)
5/6 ARM SOFR Purchase7.083
5/6 ARM SOFR Refinance7.175
5/6 ARM Jumbo SOFR Purchase6.633
5/6 ARM Jumbo SOFR Refinance6.667

Most Common Mortgage Types in Washington

  • Conventional: 83,277 loans
  • FHA: 9,570 loans
  • VA: 10,042 loans
  • USDA: 262 loans

Top Purchase Lenders in Washington by Volume

  • Caliber Home Loans, Inc.: 6,349 loans
  • Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation: 5,289 loans
  • Guild Mortgage Company LLC: 3,456 loans
  • Crosscountry Mortgage, LLC: 3,222 loans
  • Rocket Mortgage, LLC: 3,008 loans
  • Homebridge Financial Services, Inc.: 2,787 loans
  • Boeing Employees Credit Union: 2,712 loans
  • Evergreen Moneysource Mortgage Company: 2,495 loans
  • Academy Mortgage Corporation: 2,469 loans
  • Keybank: 2,459 loans

Top Refinance Lenders in Washington by Volume

  • Boeing Employees Credit Union: 3,290 loans
  • Rocket Mortgage, LLC: 976 loans
  • U.S. Bank: 940 loans
  • Umpqua Bank: 907 loans
  • Keybank: 837 loans
  • American Advisors Group: 690 loans
  • Bank Of America: 643 loans
  • Wells Fargo Bank: 577 loans
  • Pennymac Loan Services, LLC: 520 loans
  • Caliber Home Loans, Inc.: 519 loans

Top purchase and refinance lenders and usage statics are for retail (direct to consumer) lenders and made available through lender reporting from the 2022 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).

Washington mortgage rate data in the charts and tables above comes from RateUpdate.com. The displayed rates come from multiple providers and represent market averages. Your mortgage rate will differ based on individual factors like your credit score as well as differing loan types and terms offered by lenders.

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