The Easiest Process from Application to Closing

Your refinancing begins with a single click on our BeDirect™ button. Our team quickly looks at your situation and the best refinancing options for your needs. In just 2-5 minutes, you’ll know if we have a loan program for you. You don’t have to supply any guarded information at this point, and we don’t make a credit inquiry so there isn’t any impact on your credit rating. From there, we make the process as easy as possible. A dedicated loan processor and mortgage professional are assigned to your refinance. They guide you through the process from application to closing.

We pride ourselves on a hassle-free refinance. Here are the steps:

  • Step One: Appraisal

    Once we get your initial information, we’ll order your appraisal.

  • Step Two: Title Report and Application Processing

    Next, we coordinate your title report and prepare your application for final approval. Our streamlined approach funds your refinancing in 30 days or less!

  • Step Three: Validation

    The final step is to validate your documentation. We may need your help here to keep the process moving along.

  • Closing

    After your loan is approved, we’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time and place for your closing.

My Credit’s Not Great. Is Refinancing Still an Option?

At Refi.com, refinancing is all we do. We pride ourselves on helping people who have less than perfect credit. Conventional banks and conventional mortgages may demand stellar credit, but we usually can find options for customers who may have believed refinancing wasn’t possible for them. Because we offer many loan options — from HARP to FHA to VA loans — we can often arrange refinancing even if you’ve been turned down by another lender. And if we can’t get you refinanced today, we help you take the steps to change that as soon as possible.