Processing and Underwriting

This part of getting a mortgage can seem foggy, even to the savviest financial person. But at Refi.com, we like simplicity and transparency. The basic process is the same as with other lenders, but since all we do is refinancing- our processes allow us to keep the costs down and get your loan funded at light speed.

Here’s what happens from start to finish:

1. BeDirect™

Hit the button and in 2-5 minutes you know if we have a loan for you.

2. Appraisal

We’ll arrange it for you.

3. Documents

We’ll help you get what we need for your file.

4. File Review and Verification

Our underwriting team reviews your file and verifies your information.

5. Approval

If it’s “conditional” we may need additional documents. If it’s “cleared to close,” let’s get to the finish line!

6. Closing

Your mortgage specialist will arrange a convenient closing time and place.

7. Funding

Your new mortgage is funded and you have the cash you need to pay off high-interest debt or you can start paying your new lower monthly payments.

Customer Review- Mark Brink

We mean fast.

Remember, if we can’t fund your refinance in 30 days or less, we’ll give you $1,000**.