This may seem like an obvious question, however, it is often overlooked.  When considering a refinance, what is the health of your finances?  Homeowners often wait until they are in a difficult position to begin making moves.  That could be too late for lenders and yourself!

Questions You Should be Asking:

  • Are my credit card balances above 30% of the available credit line?  For example, if you have a $5,000 credit card, do you owe more than $1500.00? Do you know what that does to your FICO score
  • Do you have student loans you are making minimum payments on with more than 5 years remaining?
  • Do you have auto loans in terms of 72 or 84 months?  Are payments becoming unmanageable?
  • Is your business running short on cash flow?  Your receivables are running longer than 90 days?  Considering an expensive loan from Kabbage?
  • Are you hearing rumblings or restructuring at work? The potential loss of time and income in the coming quarter or quarters?
  • Are you experiencing “too much month and not enough paycheck?” In short, the question is are you outpacing your income in expenses, bills, and payment?
  • Are you overpaying your single biggest expense?

A financial checkup is designed to give you a “30,000 foot look” at your money.  Too often individuals and families spend their time looking at their finances from the 1st through the 15th and 16th through the 31st! 

It’s Time to Take Action Now!

If you fit any of the above scenarios or dozens of other potential financial pitfalls, the time to take action is now not until the event of the financial situation overwhelms you.

Sit with a professional and talk about your financial situation.  Have an unbiased 3rd party look at your financial picture from a number perspective.  It will be the best smart money move you make!

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