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Most people don’t realize what an important financial step refinancing is. Circumstances change, and mortgages should too. If you’re wondering whether or not you’re a good candidate, here are some of the top reasons why refinancing could be right for you:

  • Your mortgage interest rate is higher than the current market interest rate.
  • You have other debt you need to reduce; such as credit cards & student loans.
  • You’re planning to stay in your home for several years.
  • You want to make home improvements.
  • You want to pay off your mortgage sooner — going from 30 to 15 in your term.
  • You have college tuition to pay.
  • You have an adjustable-rate mortgage and you want to lock in a fixed rate.
  • Your credit score has improved.

Whether you’re looking to get a better interest rate or take equity out of your home for renovations, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on why you should refinance and how to do it.

Why Refinance?  Let’s Run through the Top Reasons!

Your life changes and your mortgage should change with it. Whether you’re moving, staying put, have a lot of expenses, or experience a change in finances, making sure your home loan is keeping up with you is of the utmost importance. Your mortgage should always be your financial tool. It should always accomplish more than a roof over your head. 

Here are the most common reasons homeowners choose to refinance:

Your Mortgage Interest Rate Is Higher than the Current Market Interest Rate

Even a small reduction in your interest rate could save you a lot of money in the long run. A refinance can help you ensure you’re getting the lowest interest rate possible. The result? More money in your pocket, for you and your family.

You’re Planning to Stay in Your Home (This Matters)

There’s no better time than right now to evaluate the type of home loan you have. When you know you’re living in your current home for several years, refinancing is a great step toward setting long-term goals.

You Want to Pay Off Your Mortgage Sooner

When rates fall, you could refinance to a lower rate and a shorter term, helping you pay off your mortgage sooner.  You should never just default to a 30-year term.  You have options as aggressive as your finances and your goals.  What does your life look like at the end of your mortgage?

You Have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage and You Want to Lock In a Fixed Rate

If your payments are already fluctuating, it is time for a fixed-rate mortgage.  It will keep your payments steady. Your rate will stay constant in a rising-rate environment. Believe it or not, rates will rise!  It may be time to lock in for long term stability.

You Have Other Debt You Need to Reduce (Most Common!)

Do you have credit card debt, student loans, or any other high-interest debt? Non-Tax Deductible Debt? A cash-out refinance could help you reduce or eliminate your debt. Debt consolidation is one of the most popular reasons people refinance. 

It is all about the cost of money. When mortgage money is this low, you have to take advantage of today’s rates or cost of money.  Why pay a high interest rate, no tax deductibility, and lower your credit score?  Plus, you are paying more monthly.

You Want to Make Home Improvements

Would your home benefit from a new kitchen, new windows or an addition? A cash-out refinance is one of the most affordable ways you can fund home improvements.  Equity is power and the ability to create additional equity is driving long term value regardless of market conditions.  Especially if you are planning to stay long term.

You Have College Tuition to Pay

Refinancing with a cash-out option can help you or your loved ones reach their educational goals as well. Whether you’re returning to school or you’re paying for your child’s college tuition, refinancing could help make it happen. Student loans can be debilitating for your child, there is a better alternative.  Second biggest expense in your lifetime!

Your Credit Score Has Improved

If you’ve worked hard to improve your financial situation by paying off credit accounts that were weighing down your score, it’s time to call your Home Loan Expert. You could qualify for a much lower interest rate if your score has substantially improved.  Credit score matters. If you paid the price to get into the home, it is now time to take advantage of “A” credit interest rates.  Why continue to overpay on your single biggest bill!

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