Management Style

We all work at Refi.com with a shared purpose — to help our customers use their home’s equity to change their financial future. Whether that means taking out cash to pay off high-interest debt, funding a home remodel or college tuition, or simply getting into a new mortgage at a better rate, that’s what we do. And that’s all we do. Refinancing.

We think of it as a do-over of sorts. Refinancing changes the game for our customers.

And everyone on our team is dedicated toward that end. Plus, we want to be the industry leader, known for the ease of our process, our minimal paperwork requirements, and our speed funding your loan. Our BeDirect™ — Get Pre-Qualified button is our company in a nutshell. It lets our customers know if we have a loan for them in just a few minutes, and it gets them instantly excited about the possibilities of a brighter financial future.

Each of us at Refi.com has a singular focus on refinancing. It’s a cool thing to help a family get out from under the burden of high-interest debt. Saving them $475 in average monthly savings makes all of us at Refi.com excited to come to work every day. As a company, we take pride in helping people with less than stellar credit get into a new mortgage with a lower monthly payment. Many times they will have been given the cold shoulder by bigger banks or mortgage companies, but we think we look a little harder and see opportunities to help, rather than reasons to say “no.”

That’s the way we do things around here. Hopefully we can help you, and if you know some financial people who think about people first, please send them my way. We could use them at Refi.com.

-Ryan Herman, CEO