Over 20 Years of Mortgage Refinance Experience
2 Million Customers and $4.5 Billion in Funded Loans

REFI.com breaks the mold by delivering one thing exclusively: prequalified, ready to convert leads.

We deliver a steady stream of prequalified borrowers through a mix of our integrated marketing programs and our proprietary technology.

BeDirectTM Automates your Prequalification — in under 5 minutes.
  • BeDirect is an automated eligibility engine that with only a few non-invasive, non-confidential questions can determine which specific loan programs and specific terms a customer can prequalify for based on their current situation.
  • BeDirect dramatically reduces the steps required to determine eligibility, not needing to supply any confidential, personal information and eliminates the need to spend considerable time doing so.
  • BeDirect enables anyone, via telephone or online, to answer a short series of questions and determine with high confidence which, if any, loan programs and terms a customer qualifies for.
  • BeDirect provides a decision in 2-5 minutes whether online or over the phone with no Social Security Number or other personal information required, and no credit inquiry on the customer’s credit report.

The REFI.com Advantage

  • Improved Lead Pull-through

    Prequalified leads pull-through up to 50% higher Borrowers are ready to engage

  • Boosted Loan officer Efficiency

    Convert prequalified prospects faster Less time qualifying, more time closing

  • Accelerated Growth

    Promote specific desirable products Prequalified borrowers close faster

REFI.com Lead Options

REFI.com exclusive live call transfers and both exclusive and semi exclusive digital data leads - All with detailed selection criteria available

Lead Delivery Options

  • Exclusive Live Call Transfers
  • Exclusive Digital Data Leads
  • Semi-Exclusive Digital Data Leads

Lead Verification Option

  • Prequalified for a Specific Loan Product
  • Phone Verified Data (Prequalified and Non-prequalified)

Lead Selection Criteria

  • 40 different criteria selections available to ensure the leads you buy are the leads you want

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