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The American Dream has been and will always be the joys of homeownership.  Do you remember that feeling walking into your home for the very first time?  Do you remember the sights, smells, and the butterflies?  It is truly a moment in time that stands still for many!  Somewhere along the way, we made the financial side of it just like a Costco!

Costco and Mortgages

Speaking of Costco, did you know they do mortgages?  Yes, now the old joke can be “get 100 rolls of toilet paper and a mortgage along.”  We are not here to say that the people working for the mortgage arm of the company aren’t qualified.  However, this fits the narrative of the industry today for consumers.  

Costco: “One Size Fits All.”

Somewhere along the way over the past 15 years, mortgages have to turn into this one-size-fits-all scenario.  What is the difference in toilet paper or paper towels?  Well, that is the feeling with mortgages.  However, you shouldn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. This applies to your finances, your retirement, your bills, your college aspirations for family, vacation homes, and investment property.  Can you achieve this in the chips aisle at Costco?  If you could, would you want to?

Costco vs. Customized Solutions

As an avid reader of our site (thank you) you know our feelings on the power of mortgages.  You know our feelings on what the right, customized refinance can do for you today and future.  How a mortgage should be a means to an end a financial tool:

  1. Freeing cash flow to fully fund a 401k or ESOP.
  2. Paying for major purchases such as college tuition or a wedding.
  3. Using the equity in your home to start a business.
  4. Allow you to become an Airbnb investor.
  5. To become 100% debt-free.
  6. Allow you to retire early.
  7. To provide in-home senior care for yourself or spouse.
  8. To help your kids start their adult life debt free.

While we don’t want to pick on Costco, we want people to truly understand the power that you hold in your home and its vehicle, the mortgage.  You need to treat it as such.  Mortgages and the meat section simply don’t mix.  Life decisions should not be taken lightly.  The expertise you require in achieving the ends of your means. That journey begins here.


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