Greenlight Financial Services

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Note: Greenlight Financial was acquired in 2013 by NationStar Mortgage, which changed its name to Mr. Cooper in 2017.

Introduction to Greenlight Financial

Based in Irvine, California, Greenlight Financial Services was a private non-bank lender recognized for its direct-to-consumer mortgage origination, leveraging a rapid loan funding model and extensive marketing through television, radio, and the Internet. With a focus on quick turnaround times and customer service, Greenlight had established itself as a notable player in the mortgage origination market.

Former Greenlight Financial Clients

Former Greenlight Financial clients with questions on their mortgage can contact Mr. Cooper at 888-480-2432 or visit their website at

Acquisition by Nationstar (Mr. Cooper)

Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc., which rebranded to Mr. Cooper in 2017, completed the acquisition of Greenlight Financial Services on May 31, 2013. This transaction, valued at up to $75 million in cash, signified a strategic move by Mr. Cooper to diversify its mortgage origination channels and bolster its service portfolio.

The acquisition aimed to enhance Mr. Cooper’s mortgage servicing and origination capabilities. By integrating Greenlight’s operations, Mr. Cooper sought to add a profitable and low-cost source for servicing asset creation and to increase its capacity for processing HARP and recapture loans. This strategic move was part of Nationstar’s broader efforts to grow its servicing portfolio and improve its service offerings.

At the time of acquisition, Greenlight was projected to originate over $8 billion in loans annually and employed more than 700 individuals across its offices in Irvine, San Diego, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Nationstar’s CEO, Jay Bray, indicated that the acquisition was expected to immediately contribute to the company’s earnings, enhancing its financial performance and operational capabilities.

This acquisition marked a significant step for Mr. Cooper in its quest to expand its footprint in the mortgage industry by incorporating Greenlight’s expertise and operational model. For clients and associates of Greenlight Financial Services, the transition to the Mr. Cooper brand promised continuity of service within the larger framework of a company with a comprehensive suite of mortgage servicing solutions.

The merger of Mr. Cooper and Greenlight Financial Services underscores the dynamic nature of the mortgage servicing industry, highlighting the strategic acquisitions companies undertake to enhance their market position and service capabilities.

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