Free of Fees

How we get you there

Let’s say you have so-so credit and a bunch of credit card debt. We refinance your mortgage, instantly providing cash-out funds to pay off those high-interest credit cards. Next, you make a few months of payments on your new loan and your credit score improves. Now you qualify for a better mortgage rate, so we refinance a second time. You save more money every month, and your credit score continues to rise. Goodbye crushing debt. Hello good night’s sleep!

Customer Review – Cynthia Goodwin

For that second refinance, how about we waive the lender fees?! Welcome to our Free of Fees* Affordable Mortgage Program.

You read that right. Once you’ve had a loan with us before, have stayed in the same property and made a number of payments, your next loan is FREE OF FEES! *.

Three easy steps to even more savings

Step 1

By paying off high-interest debt, your initial debt consolidation refinance can lower your monthly bills by $475 per month on average, and your credit improves.

Step 2

Now you make just 3-6 months of on-time payments on your refinanced mortgage, and your credit score increases even more.

Step 3

Your newfound creditworthiness means you can quality for an even lower fixed-rate mortgage. We arrange this second refinance with our Free of Fees* Affordable Mortgage Program. You save more money, and your credit continues to improve. An average additional savings of $177 per month for a total monthly savings of $652!