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Trouble Balancing A Budget

Balancing a budget can be difficult when faced with high interest rates and monthly payments. You may feel like you’ll never get ahead. Even if you have collections and charge-offs, you may not be aware there is a way out.

Concern About Credit Score

You don’t want another inquiry on your credit that will lower your score even more. You don’t have time to fill out a stack of paperwork only to find out you can’t qualify. You don’t feel like talking to a commissioned loan agent who will pressure you.

These are legitimate concerns – but there is a solution with

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    Debt consolidation is the number one reason our customers refinance. A cash-out refinance lets you pay off those debts, making a single payment at a much lower interest rate on a new mortgage instead. Many customers save hundreds of dollars per month.

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    Your home’s equity can be one of the most powerful tools you have to improve your overall financial situation. A home equity loan can get you out of the cycle of high-interest debt, pay off personal loans, medical bills, IRS tax debt and more.

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    Generally no collateral is required and rates are typically lower than those on credit cards. You have a predictable, fixed payment and a re-payment plan you can handle. Not a homeowner? No problem. Have some dings on your credit? No problem! Personal loans are typically available for people of all credit grades and qualifications.

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    Significantly reducing the burden you have of unsecured debt like high-interest credit cards change the game for our customers. We think of it as a do-over of sorts. Debt Settlement plans are crafted by accredited debt reduction professionals who negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. The right Debt Relief Program typically reduces a customers’ debt load by as much as 50 percent with no long-lasting problems to your creditworthiness.

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My Credit is not Great. Is Debt Consolidation Still an Option?

At, making loans happen is all we do. We pride ourselves on helping people who have less than perfect credit. Conventional banks and conventional mortgages may demand stellar credit, but we can usually find options for customers who may have believed a debt consolidation loan wasn’t possible for them.

Because we offer, through our large network of lender partners, many loan options – cash-out mortgage refinance, personal loans, debt consolidation loans, and debt settlement – we can often arrange a solution even if you’ve been turned down by another lender.

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