Raising Your Homeowner’s Deductible Can Produce Big Savings

If you’re looking to trim living expenses associated with your home, one option could be to raise your homeowner’s insurance […]

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What Homeowner Tax Credits Are Available?

There are many perks to owning a home. You earn equity, enjoy greater privacy and flexibility than renters, and you […]

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New Home Insurance Proposal Might Lower Cost But Is It Worth The Risk?

Property insurance is a big and growing cost across the country. Claims from hurricanes, fires, floods, and tornadoes have resulted […]

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Check Out a Homeowner’s Association Before Buying a Home

If you’re thinking of buying a condominium, townhome, or single family home in a planned community, you’ll enjoy a lot […]

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Signs of an Improving Neighborhood

One of the reasons you buy a home is as an investment, so part of your strategy must entail buying […]

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10 Tips to Sell Your Home For the Most Cash

Selling your home is a big undertaking, often for big stakes. You’ve got to be energetic, aggressive, and fully engaged […]

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Tips for Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Buying and selling a home is a big deal. To ensure the transactions go as smoothly as possible, nobody will […]

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Woman looking at a receipt after shopping at the supermarket

Tips for Hedging Against Inflation

In recent years, the United States has experienced inflation rates that are significantly higher than the norm, with figures reaching […]

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Real estate attorney meeting with a couple about their mortgage purchase agreement.

Real Estate Attorneys: What They Do & How To Choose One

What is a Real Estate Attorney? A real estate attorney is a lawyer who specializes in property matters, including purchase […]

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The Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA) Explained

The Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA) was enacted in 1994 as an amendment to the Truth in Lending […]

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What is Homeowners Insurance and How Much Do I Need?

Before closing on your new home, you must buy home insurance to protect the lender’s investment. Buying the right amount […]

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How To Finance Remodeling Projects Without Breaking The Bank

America is on a remodeling binge, spending more than a billion dollars a day to upgrade and improve bathrooms, kitchens, […]

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Calculator application on mobile phone screen on white surface near crop anonymous person holding pile of dollars

Understanding Debt Consolidation And How It Works

Getting calls from creditors about outstanding debts? Worried about how you’re going to repay what you owe and safeguard your […]

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White Apple Keyboard Near White Cup

How To Build Credit: Common-Sense Ways To Reach The Top

Credit is an invisible force that packs a huge wallop, a financial tool that in the best case can help […]

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A Woman in Plaid Blazer Using Her Laptop

What is Simple Interest?

Simple interest is a straightforward concept that plays a fundamental role in various financial transactions, such as auto loans and […]

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