Tax Rules For Home Equity Loans

One of the main questions people have about home equity loans and HELOCs is whether or not interest is tax […]

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How To Get A Mortgage Loan When You Have Student Loan Debt

Having a college degree can help you land a better desirable job, ideally with a higher income. But if you […]

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The Challenges of Using Home Equity Financing For a Rental or Investment Property

You can get home equity loans for investment and rental properties, but you’ll face more scrutiny and higher borrowing standards […]

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How to Use Home Equity Debt to Reduce Capital Gains Taxes

Capital gains from the sale of your home can lead to a huge tax bill. When you sell a capital […]

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What is the Best Way to Make Your Property Tax and Homeowners Insurance Payments?

You can pay your homeowners insurance premiums and property tax bills through an escrow account or on your own. Here […]

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How to Buy a Home For Your Parents

If you’re close to your parents and you’ve done well in your career after leaving home, you can repay the […]

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What to Know About Down Payments When Buying a Condominium

You can use the same loan programs for condos that are used to buy single-family homes. But some key differences […]

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How To Tap Into Your 401k For A Mortgage Down Payment

American retirement accounts are flush with cash, but can that money be used to buy or fix-up real estate? There […]

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Need a Mortgage? It’s Time to Meet Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac won’t loan you a dime and yet they have a huge role in the mortgage […]

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What’s Credit & How Does it Really Work?

Credit is a kind of financial magic, for many people the difference between owning or not owning a home or […]

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How To Find Small Mortgages In A World of Big Loans

Getting a smaller mortgage should be fairly easy, but that’s often not the case for those who want to borrow […]

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Mortgages for Unmarried Couples

Getting a mortgage and buying a home offers some significant challenges for two unmarried people that traditional couples don’t face. […]

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A Complete Guide to Second Mortgages

What is a second mortgage? It’s any loan secured by the value of your home, aside from the main loan […]

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HARP Loans (No Longer Available): History and Current Replacement Programs

The U.S. Government’s Home Affordability Refinance Program (HARP) was a lifeline for American homeowners who found themselves in a tight […]

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How to Buy a Home in 2023

2023 brought an unprecedented housing market. Supply is still notoriously low, and interest rates remain high. With these combined factors, […]

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