3 Types of USDA Refinances

USDA loans are a popular choice for many low to middle-income families. They’re available without a down payment and have […]

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How Soon Can You Refinance A Mortgage?

You’re a proud homeowner, a feat made possible thanks to financing in the form of a mortgage loan. But even […]

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Different Ways to Refinance a HELOC

If you have a home equity line of credit (HELOC), chances are that it comes with a variable interest rate […]

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Homeowner gets FHA refunded to his MIP.

FHA MIP Refund Chart 2024: Save Money On Your Refi

You’ll find our FHA MIP refund chart farther down this page. But, before you scroll to it, take some time […]

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A young woman looks over a list of FHA refinance lenders.

The 10 Biggest FHA Refinance Lenders

FHA loans aren’t just for purchasing a home – the government-backed program can also be used to refinance your existing […]

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A homeowner decides which FHA refinance option works best.

6 Types of FHA Refinances: Which Is Best for You?

An FHA refinance replaces your existing mortgage with one with a lower rate, different loan term, and can even give […]

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A couple refinances their VA loan to a conventional loan.

Should I Use a Conventional or VA Refi if I Have 20% Equity?

A VA loan allows you to purchase a home with zero money down, no mortgage insurance, and a generally favorable […]

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Laramie Wyoming skyline

Wyoming Mortgage and Refinance Rates

Current Wyoming Mortgage Rates Mortgage Rate Trends in Wyoming Wyoming Purchase Rates Wyoming Refinance Rates Wyoming ARM Rates Most Common […]

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Houston, Texas Skyline

Texas Mortgage and Refinance Rates

Current Texas Mortgage Rates Mortgage Rate Trends in Texas Texas Purchase Rates Texas Refinance Rates Texas ARM Rates Most Common […]

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Couple reviewing mortgage rates

Compare Current Mortgage Rates Today

National Mortgage Rate Trends Mortgage Rates for Conventional Purchase Loans Mortgage Rates for Conventional Refinance Loans Mortgage Rates for Non-Conforming […]

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How Long Does A Mortgage Refinancing Take?

If you own a home that you’re still financing, hopefully you have a mortgage loan you’re happy with. But if […]

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House and money on top of a calculator

Is a Cash-In Refinance a Smart Idea?

Paying down your mortgage during a refinance can give you better terms and a lower payment. But is it wise to part with all that cash?

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Man sitting at desk reviewing a mortgage refinance application

Refi Without Your Spouse: How Hard Is It?

Yes, you can refinance to remove your spouse from the mortgage. But only if you qualify for the refinance by yourself — without adding your spouse’s income and credit score into the equation.

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Keys to new home being handed to buyer

VA Loan Assumptions Can Benefit Buyers & Sellers, But There Are Risks

Assuming a VA loan can get you a great loan, even as a non-veteran. But due to risks to the seller, it could be hard to find such a deal.

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A couple refinances from an FHA loan to a VA loan.

Should You Refinance an FHA Loan to a VA Loan?

Are you thinking about refinancing your current FHA loan to a VA loan? It can be a money-saving move for […]

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