Should my spouse work?

The purpose of the Should My Spouse Work? Calculator is to compare the financial scenarios of having both spouses work to having only one spouse work. To use this calculator you will need to enter financial information like what your spouse earns, how many allowances they take, what percentage of their paycheck goes towards a retirement account, what type of pay period they have, how much is taken out of their paycheck for taxes, and what additional expenses your family has when they work. The calculator uses this information to determine how much the second income is actually worth. You can then use this amount to determine if it is a good idea for your spouse to work or to stay home.

Should my spouse work? Calculator Overview

Most married couples think that the only way they can survive is when both partners work. However, if you have kids then the added cost of childcare can actually make a dual income less advantageous then having one parent stay home and have one parent work. To determine if it is better if your home be supported by one or two incomes then you should use our Should My Spouse Work? Calculator.