Financial Outlook

Refinance – End of Year Financial Check-up?

It seems like an obvious question, however, it is often overlooked.  When considering a refinance, what is the health of your finances?  Homeowners often wait until they are in a difficult position to begin making moves.  That could be too late for lenders and yourself!

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mortgage rates

Why the Rate Doesn’t Matter

The elements of understanding a mortgage seem simple enough.  Your home, rate, term, taxes, insurance, and appreciation; with the primary focus being typically on the interest rate.  However, what if we said your attention shouldn’t be on the interest rate?

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Smart Money; Life Beyond a Mortgage!

Smart money is a term used in many financial circles.  Depending on your age range; baby boomer, Gen Y and YES Gen Z, the understanding the power of a mortgage will have many different meanings.  The one notion that seems to prevail amongst all age brackets is, they don’t want a mortgage!  This is where being “smart money savvy” comes into play.

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Primary Mortgage Insurance

You Could Be Losing Hundreds Per Month!

Private mortgage insurance was an amazing idea, it in fact helped you get into the home you love today! However, what was once necessary is now potentially eating up your monthly budget.  In fact, many homeowners are unaware that they are paying hundreds per month for something they may no longer need.

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