Peter G. Miller

Peter G. Miller is a nationally-syndicated columnist, the author of seven books published originally by Harper & Row (including one with a co-author), and has contributed to leading online sites and major print publications. He has appeared on numerous media outlets including the Today Show, Oprah!, CNN, and NPR.

Peter has been an accredited correspondent on Capitol Hill and a member of the White House Correspondents Association. He has served with the District of Columbia National Guard and holds both BA and MS degrees from The American University in Washington, DC. View Peter on LinkedIn.

Auto Buying: How To Deal With Negative Equity

Lower auto prices should be a good thing for consumers, but that may not be the case for those with […]

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Here’s Why Some Tuition Costs Are Falling

We’re constantly told that college costs are on the rise, but weirdly enough that’s not entirely true. While education expenses […]

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Are Real Estate Commissions About To Get Smaller?

The way we buy and sell real estate is headed in a new direction, one that overturns decades of industry […]

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Will Student Loan Borrowers Get Relief Under Plan B?

It was last summer when things suddenly looked bleak for student borrowers. A $400 billion student loan relief plan was […]

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Electric Car Prices Have Fallen, Will The Buyer’s Market Continue?

Car buyers are always in favor of lower prices, so here’s some good news. We have a buyer’s market for […]

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Student Debt: Will We See More Student Loan Forgiveness?

Student loan payments are back, a reality that’s changing many household budgets. But is there student loan forgiveness in the […]

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The Long & The Short of Automobile Financing

How long should a vehicle loan last? That’s usually not the first question buyers ask when financing a car, pick-up […]

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New Home Insurance Proposal Might Lower Cost But Is It Worth The Risk?

Property insurance is a big and growing cost across the country. Claims from hurricanes, fires, floods, and tornadoes have resulted […]

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Here’s How Buyers Can Get Down Payment Help From Mom & Dad

Can Mom and Dad – or a friend or family member – help you get your first home, maybe with […]

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How To Finance Remodeling Projects Without Breaking The Bank

America is on a remodeling binge, spending more than a billion dollars a day to upgrade and improve bathrooms, kitchens, […]

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How To Raise Down Payment Cash In Today’s Real Estate Market

How can you save down payment cash in today’s real estate market? It can be done, it’s not impossible. In […]

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White Apple Keyboard Near White Cup

How To Build Credit: Common-Sense Ways To Reach The Top

Credit is an invisible force that packs a huge wallop, a financial tool that in the best case can help […]

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a glass jar filled with coins and a plant

How To Tap Into Your 401k For A Mortgage Down Payment

American retirement accounts are flush with cash, but can that money be used to buy or fix-up real estate? There […]

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Multiethnic couple packing ceramic belongings in parchment before relocation

Need a Mortgage? It’s Time to Meet Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac won’t loan you a dime and yet they have a huge role in the mortgage […]

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Couple Calculating all their Bills

What’s Credit & How Does it Really Work?

Credit is a kind of financial magic, for many people the difference between owning or not owning a home or […]

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