Erik J. Martin

Erik J. Martin is a Chicago area-based freelance writer and public relations expert whose articles have been featured in AARP The Magazine, Reader’s Digest, The Costco Connection, Bankrate, Forbes Advisor, The Chicago Tribune, and other publications. He often writes on topics related to real estate, personal finance, technology, health care, insurance, and entertainment. He also publishes several blogs, including and, and hosts the Cineversary podcast (

Strategies For Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster

A mortgage loan often represents the biggest single source of debt you’ll ever incur in your lifetime. Considering that the […]

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Understanding Peer-to-Peer Lending And How It Works

When you need to borrow money for your home, business, or another reason, your funding sources aren’t limited to banks […]

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Different Ways to Win a Bidding War

When two or more buyers compete for the same home for sale, a bidding war can erupt, resulting in multiple […]

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How a Cosigner Can Help You Qualify For a Mortgage

Having trouble qualifying for a mortgage loan or worried you’ll be turned down for home financing because your credit is […]

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How Marital or Relationship Status Affects Your Ability to Get a Mortgage

When you need to borrow money for the purchase of a home you’ll be living in with a partner, it’s […]

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How And When To Cancel PMI

If you make a down payment of less than 20% on a home purchase, you may have to pay private […]

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Mortgage Rate Lock: What Is It, And When Should You Lock In Your Rate?

The math on mortgage interest rates can be tricky to navigate. That’s because rates can fluctuate from day to day […]

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What Is A Blanket Mortgage?

Typically, a financed real estate property is attached to a single mortgage loan. But when you want to invest in, […]

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Using Gift Funds For A Down Payment

Worried you won’t have enough cash saved to make a sufficient down payment on a home purchase and thereby qualify […]

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How To Get A Mortgage Loan When You Have Student Loan Debt

Having a college degree can help you land a better desirable job, ideally with a higher income. But if you […]

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Understanding Debt Consolidation And How It Works

Getting calls from creditors about outstanding debts? Worried about how you’re going to repay what you owe and safeguard your […]

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Best Time to Refinance a Car Loan

If you are financing a new or used car, take a closer look at your current loan and monthly payments. […]

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Ways to Lower Your Car Loan Payments

Own a car you’re still financing? Chances are your monthly payments are higher than you’d prefer. Consider that the average […]

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Where Will Student Loan Interest Rates Land for 2024-2025?

Preparing to head to a university this fall, or have a high schooler who’s about to become a college freshman? […]

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Using Home Equity to Buy a Second Home

Interested in purchasing a second home for vacation, rental, or investment purposes? You may be able to conveniently tap the […]

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