David Mully

David Mully is president and CEO of Lender Insider, a mortgage consulting firm. With 26 years in the mortgage industry, he has worked as both a mortgage loan officer and in the business-to-business sector of the industry. He is the former author of the weekly “Mortgage Search” column for Observer and Eccentric Newspapers. You can read his blog at http://www.lenderinsider.com/blog.

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An Overview of COFI Loans

What is a COFI Loan? A COFI (pronounced coffee) loan is a type of adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) where the interest […]

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How to Choose a Mortgage Lender

One of the most critical parts of buying a home is choosing a mortgage lender that best suits your circumstances. […]

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The Challenges of Getting a Small Mortgage Loan

Logic dictates that it’s harder to get approved for a mortgage loan when you want to borrow a lot more […]

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Can You Refinance a Jumbo Loan to a Conventional Loan?

When you want to buy a higher-priced property that surpasses conforming loan limits, a jumbo mortgage loan comes in handy. […]

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COVID-19 Mortgage Relief Options After the Pandemic

Although many of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have passed, some people are still struggling financially due to permanent […]

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Planning for Maintenance Costs When Buying a Home

You’ve just made the biggest purchase of your life. You came up with the down payment and closing costs and […]

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Having Two Mortgages When Buying a New Home

Learn how to juggle two mortgages while purchasing a new home. We explore the financial implications, dual loan responsibilities, and expert advice for navigating this unique situation.

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Home Equity Loans for Self-Employed Homeowners

Explore home equity loan options for self-employed homeowners and how a second mortgage can help a business.

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FHA loan written on the model of home.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of FHA Loans

Explore the benefits and downsides of FHA loans, how they compare to conventional loans, and if an FHA loan is the right choice for you.

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A man in a vest and hard hat inspecting a home during construction.

A Guide to Home Appraisals

Learn what you need to know about home appraisals. Understand how to prepare for an appraisal, the cost, and what appraisers look for.

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What Is Mortgage Life Insurance?

Mortgage life insurance, also called mortgage protection insurance (MPI), is a policy that specifically pays off your home mortgage if […]

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Types of Student Loans, Pros/Cons and How to Get One

Higher education can be very expensive, especially in the United States. According to the Education Data Initiative, for 2023, the […]

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How to Buy a Home in 2024

2023 brought an unprecedented housing market. Supply is still notoriously low, and interest rates remain high. With these combined factors, […]

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A kitchen that has been remodeled using funds from a cash-out refinance.

Complete Guide to a Cash-Out Refinance

Explore the benefits and requirements of a cash-out refinance, and how to leverage your home equity for debt management, home improvements or investments.

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No-Cost Refinance Mortgage Loan – No-Fee Refinancing

The no-free-lunch rule applies to mortgages, even those that call themselves no cost mortgage refinances. Win the lottery and you […]

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