Am I Eligible to Refinance?

You’d like to lower your monthly payments. You want to change your loan term from an ARM to a 30-year fixed rate. You need cash out to pay off high-interest debt and get back on track financially. There are many reasons to refinance.

Question is — Are you eligible to refinance?

At Refi.com, refinancing is all we do and we strive to offer the most diverse range of options to get you into a new mortgage. Whether your credit rating is good or you’ve got a couple dings, our dedicated team of loan processors and mortgage professionals takes pride in matching you with the best refinancing options.

And, thanks to our BeDirect™ pre-qualification process, we can do it in just 2-5 minutes!

Have a good credit rating?

Refi.com offers competitive rates and a diverse set of loan options to reward you for your excellent credit. You can check our current rates, but better yet, click the BeDirect™ button and let’s get you into a better loan.

Have some credit problems?

At Refi.com, it’s our mission to help our customers refinance into a better loan or to access the equity in their homes. If you’ve had some credit problems, we have options that may be able to get you into a refinance even though you thought it wouldn’t be possible. Options such as HARP, VA, or FHA loans can be more forgiving of credit issues such as bankruptcy. Plus, where most lenders require you to have equity in your home to refinance, we consider more options, even refinancing up to 100% of your home’s value.

These are problems our team works to overcome:

  • Credit scores as low as 500

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy

    Eligible one year from discharge!

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Eligible one day from discharge!

  • Previous foreclosure

    Only a 1 year waiting period!

  • Previous Short Sale or Deed-in-Lieu

    Eligible after 1 day!

  • Late Mortgage Payments

    We work with your circumstances!

  • Difficult to Verify Income

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Don’t be discouraged. Let us match you with a loan today…or just down the road.

Even if we can’t qualify you today, we still want to help. As you take steps to improve your credit standing: we’ll stay in touch, update you on how the process will progress, and we’ll usually be able to give you the probable date we can get you a “yes.”

That’s why you need to find out where you stand now — it doesn’t cost you a penny — simply click the BeDirect button.