About Us

We founded Refi.com for a simple reason — we believe refinancing is the key to helping our customers improve their financial situation. Whether to get out from under the burden of high-interest debt, to take advantage of the equity in their home, or to simply get into a lower monthly payment — our Refi.com teams understand what our customers want and take pride in delivering the right loan to fit. And we do it in the fastest possible time. To us, refinancing shouldn’t be an afterthought in the lending world, and it should be available to people with less than perfect credit.

That’s why Refi.com was created as the specialty cash-out refinance division of First Direct Lending. We take all of our leadership team’s experience gleaned from helping customers for 18 years, and apply that experience solely to refinancing. Refi.com may be new, but behind us is nearly two decades of award-winning service in the mortgage industry.

Let us show you what that combination can do for your financial future.

Customer Review – Linda Martin

We simplify the process

We remove all the bank jargon and mumbo jumbo intended to hide extra fees and make the whole process seem so complicated. After you click the “BeDirect™ — Get Pre-qualified” button, you’ll know what kind of loan we can get you in two to five minutes. From there, we assign a dedicated processor and an experienced mortgage professional to work at lightning speed to fund your loan. We’ll close your loan and get you into your new mortgage in 30 days or less. If we don’t, we give you $1,000*.

Change your financial future

Refinancing is all we do, so let’s put the power of your home to work for you. Whether consolidating debt, changing to a better mortgage with a better rate, or taking out cash to pay for a remodel, a child’s college, or some other large purchase — let’s get started. Click the “BeDirect” button or call us at 1-800-999-REFI.

Top 6 High-Interest Debts We Pay Off

Credit Card

Personal Loans

Student Loans


Medical Bills

IRS Tax Debts